Several candidates enrolled for the online communications classes conducted by Prema Malini. They are all now enriched with life changing inputs that have given a new shape to their opinions on communication. It’s now your turn to subscribe for the course. Listen to what the students has to say about the course.

Bavikati Ram Swarup


Ma’am not only has abundance of Knowledge but she conveys it perfectly to students like us. We actually want the sessions over few days more so as to interact and learn more..

Ayyadevara Sree Lalitha

Assistant manager, ICICI Bank

Ma'am is just awesome. She is down to earth. She's really an inspiration. The way she spoke and taught us was outstanding. I feel privileged to get trained under Prema malini ma’am.

Kavya Rao Samudrala

Home Maker

There are many to explain about my trainer who understood our needs well and cleared all our doubts with lot of patience and within a short period of time. We learnt various things from her that will help us to lead on to a good path in future and career.

Deepa Karipay

Network Engineer, USA

Not suggestion but a request. Please do more and more ONLINE courses so that the virtual learning reach to people like me who cannot attend physical learnings. YOU ARE THE BEST AS A TUTOR AND YOUR REAL STORY WAS AN INSPIRATION. YOU ARE A FIGHTER AND AN ACHIEVER. AND VERY KIND AT HEART.

Mathe Jyotsna Rani


The trainer was so effective and was pre-planned, and taught us so perfectly and the sessions were extremely Productive and Satisfactory. I wonder as to how she managed the time to complete all the topics so effectively.

Golla Sandeep

MBA Student, Bordeaux, France

Learnt a lot from you and your experiences ma’am. These seven day sessions actually seemed like an hour for me and you built a confidence in me and I’ll overcome the drawbacks that you indicated to me ma’am.

Harani Mathuku

Data Scientist, Germany

She is a great teacher and there is a magic in her voice. She is very confident and I am really impressed the way she prepares content and the way she explains.

P. Sravan Kumar

Retired Employee

Age is not a restriction to learn new things. This communication Skills session with Prema Garu, taught me the importance of communication even to a retired person like me.

G. Mahathi

Home Maker

One of the amazing ladies I have come across. Truly interactive person. Wonderful encouragement throughout and yes she never left back anyone who were hesitant in speaking their opinions out.

G Lakshmi Pranathi

MBA Student, South Africa

It was an honor for us to have a training session with you. It was a wonderful session and we learned a lot and it was good that we grabbed the opportunity.

Samrat Adusumilli


You are more supportive and the way you have encouraged us definitely helped us. My suggestion is to have more sessions.

Viswanath Dhonti

Technical Test lead, California, USA

She is brilliant to the core. Her training sessions are “Top Notch”. No suggestions to her. She is absolute genius.

D. Asritha


A Wonderful and a very knowledgeable person. A Wonderful human being. A very friendly, responsible and dedicated trainer. It would be great if these classes continued. It could help many.

Lalitha Charla

Student(M.Tech) , Employee(Software Engineer)

Prema garu. I just loved her sessions, the way she makes everyone comfortable and the interactive sessions, especially ma’am’s presentation of content. I just loved it. Friendly conversations made all of our batch mates to ask many questions. She used to clarify even the silliest doubt we had. Best Trainer.

J. Rebecca Vineela

Self Employeed

Who am I to give suggestions to this wonder woman?? I’m overwhelmed that’s it.I did’nt give my starting three sessions properly,hence i felt mam has forgot me,not even considering me.it was my mistake.. i explained what I was going through, i thank Mam that she always listened to me then i started talking to everyone,it went on flow.It was all magic.



Shivendra Kumar


Swarna Janaki Polamraju

Freelance Fashion designer


Business Intelligence Analyst, Atlanta, USA

Rajitha Sangaraju


Mam you're awesome, and you are ground to earth and really really have so much patience. I don't have any suggestions to say to you, you are the best. but one thing is as many participants were new to it , content preparation class should be little more. with some more exercises i felt. And the training period should also be little longer.



Everything is good. If the session for two weeks, I would have learnt more.

Lakshmichaitanya chaganti


She gave me the required motivation to move ahead in life. Her positivity and encouragement brightened my days. She made me a better thoughtful person. I’m so grateful to have learnt from her. I thank her for emboldening me. She is just what a perfect mentor is all about.

Anjana Dittakavi

Home Maker

Am a big fan of Prema gaaru. I am going to miss Prema gaaru a lot and these sessions. Your person attention to every participant was really great. Please have these training sessions once in a year.