About Us

Mihira KRIYAtives

Adding Passion to Production……

Mihira KRIYAtives….’Kriya’ a professional ‘Initiative’:

Mihira KRIYAtives is a fully equipped service production house offering high quality, committed and meaningful results, with a personal touch and effect to your corporate identity, marketing, event management, short films, voice overs, translations, documentaries, multi-media solutions, film video production, post production services, photographyand training solutions. Be it any digital requirements, we will help you get connected to your esteemed audience and leverage your business, brand loyalty by building excitement.

We value working with stringent deadlines, provide real value and foster long term business & empathetic relationships. For, we truly believe that our productions need to generate emotional bonding between you and your esteemed clientele. We "make it happen" with a talented, inspired and creative team, delivering nothing but excellence.

We understand that film-making is an attitude to portray art and science in the most fascinating and appealing way. Leveraging and consolidating these two crucial elements to their best has been our burning passion that has been putting us on success track in film production. Our mission is to gel with the clients,understand their needs, and extend the most feasible professional advice and shape the content to the highest level and produce a high hit product by effectively utilising the budget. Our work ethics, production quality and professional attitude make our clients visualise our underlying passion for our work, and make them come back time and again for all their production works.

Our Mission

Mihira KRIYAtives, the committed professionals strive to exhibit an intense enthusiasm and dedication in producing visual media that creates unforgettable moments by provoking emotion, reflection, incite action, and long-lasting effect on the viewers. We do so by understanding the project, goal, budget and audience.

Our Vision

To be a client oriented production house and provide sustainable solution to all their production needs that are conceptualised & created by adopting high quality and absolute professional medium of excellence.

What we do

We provide a variety of multi-media solutions. Mihira KRIYAtives is a full-service production place specialised in making TV content and documentaries, multi-camera event coverage, corporate films, digital content, music videos & crew hire, photography, post-production, editing, colour grading, stills rendering & touch-ups, sound mixing, narration/voice-overs, animation and training.

Our Team

Our team are dedicated & passionate about what they do and thrive to capture content across a variety of genres. Our wealth of knowledge and experience helps us to ensure that your vision is achieved. With a range of technical equipment available, we are adaptable to specific requests and budgets. We pride ourselves on capturing high quality footage in the production stage which is nurtured throughout the post-production stage in our in-house editing studio to ensure the structure, narrative, pace & mood of the content fulfils the brief.